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Monday, December 03, 2007
  FREE DOWNLOAD.......... "MY WORK IS A TOMB" Digital Ep /Les diks qui sautent records.

the new hit-hot! single "SLOW MOTION DREAM + "SMELLING CANDLES" [Cool Kids Can't die rmx] + 2 brand new b-sides "UNDER?WHERE" and "SHE IS COMING!!!"....TOTALLY FREE!!!

"MY WORK IS A TOMB" Digital- Concept Ep / Les diks qui sautent.

Il Calorifero gioca con l'elettronica in puro stile primi(tivi) videogames.
Questo concept Ep naviga attorno alle cose non dette e/o non capite.In che lingua sogni?
"Slow motion dream" e' il primo singolo estratto da "MARZIPAN IN ZURICH"
release Dic 2007- My Honey records
"Under?Where" non Underwear e' un inedito pezzo electro - Atari, influenzato dalla NY
nera con radioappallasullaspalla. pensato per i Run-Dmc. muto.
"Smelling Candles" [cool kids can't die rmx]: perfetto summa del concept. Tutto e' balbettato con voce roca non rock. agitare i culetti e battere le manine. Un oceano non puo' separarci se Porto Virus.
"Smelling Candles" VIDEO by Bizz Bros. Girato senza soldi, tra amici - amiche...
"She's coming!" Pacman & Mario Bros aspettano la fine del sogno, forse di un incubo!

"MY WORK IS A TOMB" Digital - Concept Ep / Les diks qui sautent.

The Calorifer plays with electronic - videogames stuff from the 80's- 90's .
This concept Ep talks about misunderstandings.In Which language Do you dream?
"Slow motion dream" is the first hit-hot! single from "MARZIPAN IN ZURICH"
release Dic 2007- My Honey records
"Under?Where" not Underwear is a brand new song electro - Atari, inspired by the B-Black NY with ghettoblasters. wrote for Run-Dmc. mute.
"Smelling Candles" [cool kids can't die rmx]: perfect focus of the concept. Everything is jabbing with a Scatman John voice. no rock. Shake your assholes and clap your hands. The Ocean is nothing 'cause Porto Virus.
"Smelling Candles" VIDEO by Bizz Bros. Groupies and friends sticking around together without money...
"She's coming!" Pacman & Mario Bros are waiting for the end of the dream. Maybe a nightmare!

ldqs 042
the calorifer is very hot
lp 4titres "my work is a tomb"
groupe italien

01-she's coming!!!
02-slowMotion dream
03-Smelling Candles RMX (cool kids can't die remix)

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